Is Tim Hortons Open on Easter

Most of all, holiday meals are special because you eat with your family. People know that Tim Hortons Menu has the best breakfast foods, like coffee, bagels, and more. But can you get a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee on Easter?

Tim Hortons will be open on Easter Sunday. The chain has chosen to be open on April 9 for customers. On Easter, The chain will be open from 6 AM To 9 PM as normal.

Is Tim Hortons Open on Easter

Since 1964, Tim Hortons has been offering up tasty food to its customers. This business, Which is based in Toronto, has more Than 5,000 locations all over the world. It Sells everything from Coffee to Donuts. But Does this store stay open on Easter?

This piece will talk about whether or not Tim Hortons will be open on Easter, when the chain will be open, What customers can get from Tim Hortons on Easter, etc. So, Let’s Begin, Then!

Tim Hortons Easter Opening/Closing Hours

Tim Hortons Easter Hours 6:00 AM TO 9:00 PM

Tim Hortons will still be Open on Easter, and all of its customers will be able to go there. On April 9, You can order from The Business both online and in person. This group of restaurants will be open on Easter at The same times as usual.

Tim Hortons is known for having some of The best coffee. This Easter, Customers can order food from the chain to celebrate the holiday. So, if you want food on Easter, Go to Timmies.

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Easter Menu Specials at Tim Hortons

Easter isn’t just a time When stores are closed, it’s also a time when they have special things to offer. Tim Hortons might get into the holiday spirit by adding Easter-themed items to the menu for a short time.

Imagine enjoying your favorite coffee with a pretty, pastel-colored sprinkled donut. It would Be a wonderful way to mark The occasion.

Tim Hortons Easter Specials

This Easter, you should try these five items from Tim Hortons:

  • Bagel Breakfast Sandwich
  • Timbits
  • Hash Browns
  • Iced Capp
  • Grilled Cheese

Bagel Breakfast Sandwich

If you like to eat sandwiches for breakfast, This bagel breakfast sandwich from Tim Hortons is For you. This bagel breakfast sandwich is delicious and easy to make Because it is made with fresh ingredients.

If you want to have The best breakfast of your life, You should get a bagel breakfast sandwich from Tim Hortons. This famous meal has Bacon, A bagel, Cheese, Eggs, and More, and it’s sure To fill you up!

This breakfast bagel sandwich has three slices of bacon, fresh green lettuce, cheese, ripe tomatoes, eggs, and a bun. On Easter, You can get this layered sandwich at Tim Hortons to solve all Your breakfast issues.


Donuts from Tim Hortons just taste different, don’t they? Now, imagine that you could get these donuts in bite-sized pieces. Tim Hortons Timbits are just those smaller, bite-sized versions of their famous donuts.

These Timbits look like cake pops, but they don’t come on a stick. They’re Wonderful and Taste great. Timbits are great because they come in many different tastes and fillings, like glaze, sprinkles, sugar, etc.

Some of the most popular Timbits tastes are blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, honey dip, chocolate glazed, apple fritter, sour cream glazed, etc.

New flavors of Timbits, including Birthday Cake, Chocolate White Fudge, and Sour Cream Chocolate Chip, have just been added by the company. Enjoy these Timbits this Easter. They are The perfect snack to go with Your daily cup of coffee.

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Hash Browns

You may Be thinking, “What’s so great about hash browns?” Though, These aren’t just any hash browns. This is a Tim Hortons Hash Brown. They’re crunchy, perfectly golden, and The best way to satisfy a desire.

Tim Hortons hash browns have been changed many times until They are just right. A few years ago, The size of these hash browns was made bigger, and The chain started making them with diced potatoes that were well-seasoned.

Hash browns from Tim Hortons are usually served to customers hot and cooked well. You can eat these with any meal or coffee from Tim Hortons. This Tim Hortons favorite is a great snack for When you’re hungry but not too hungry.

Iced Capp

Coffee lovers, gather around because I’m going to tell you about the best coffee ever. Your coffee dreams will come true with a Tim Hortons Iced Capp. The best thing about it is That it looks great and tastes amazing at The same time.

One of the frozen coffee drinks at Tim Hortons is the iced capp. This drink is made with Whole milk, caramel, vanilla, brown sugar, and Tim Hortons Unique coffee brew. Putting milk and ice in a blender makes this drink. It tastes Smooth and Creamy.

Tim Hortons has two kinds of iced capps: light and coconut. In the light iced capp, 2% milk is used, but in the coconut iced capp, coconut milk is used. So, This Easter is a great time to try This tasty coffee drink if you haven’t already.

Grilled Cheese

The Tim Hortons grilled cheese sandwich is substantially more substantial than a typical grilled cheese sandwich. You must try This sandwich since it is loaded with wonderful cheese and will quickly become one of Your favorites.

Whole wheat bread and cheeses including Monterey Jack, creamy mozzarella, and cheddar are used to make Tim Hortons grilled cheeseburger. The sandwich has many diverse Flavors and Textures Because of several layers of cheese.

Both crunchy and cheesy describe this grilled cheese sandwich. It will taste great whether you eat it alone or with any soup.

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Planning For Easter Cravings

With the tantalizing aroma of Tim Hortons’ treats in mind, it’s wise to plan for Easter. Checking the official Tim Hortons website or app for real-time updates on holiday hours can save you from any unwelcome surprises. A few taps on your phone can ensure that your Easter day includes the joys of your beloved Tim Hortons order.

Community Relevance and Easter

Tim Hortons isn’t just a coffee shop; it’s often a vital part of local communities. On holidays like Easter, it might extend its services to cater to community events or celebrations.

This reinforces the chain’s commitment to being more than just a place to grab a cup of coffee – it’s a gathering spot where relationships are forged and memories are created.


As Easter approaches, the question of whether Tim Hortons is open lingers in the minds of many. While the chain’s Easter operations might vary, planning and staying informed can ensure that your holiday festivities are complemented by your favorite Tim Hortons delights.

So, whether you’re in the mood for a classic double-double or a festive Easter-themed treat, take a moment to check the operating hours and savor the season with a cup in hand.

FAQs – Is Tim Hortons Open on Easter

Is Tim Hortons open on Easter Sunday?

The operating hours of Tim Hortons on Easter might vary. It’s recommended to check the official website or app for real-time updates.

Does Tim Hortons have special Easter-themed menu items?

Tim Hortons often introduces limited-time Easter-themed menu items. Keep an eye out for festive treats!

What are the typical operating hours of Tim Hortons?

Tim Hortons usually opens early in the morning and closes late at night, but holiday hours might differ.

Can I rely on the Tim Hortons app for accurate holiday hours?

Yes, the Tim Hortons app is a reliable source for up-to-date holiday operating hours.

Are all Tim Hortons locations closed on Easter?

Not necessarily. Some locations might be open, while others could have adjusted hours.

Does Tim Hortons offer pre-orders for Easter treats?

Check the official Tim Hortons channels for information about pre-orders for holiday treats.

Are there any Easter discounts or promotions at Tim Hortons?

Tim Hortons might offer special discounts or promotions for Easter. Stay tuned for announcements.

What should I do if my local Tim Hortons is closed on Easter?

Consider visiting other coffee shops or cafes that might be open on Easter.

Is Tim Hortons customer support available during Easter?

Tim Hortons’ customer support might be available. Check their communication channels for assistance.

How can I find the nearest open Tim Hortons on Easter?

Use the Tim Hortons app or website to locate the nearest open location on Easter.

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