Tim Hortons Donut Menu Prices Canada 2024

Tim Hortons Donuts Menu: The delicious and extensive donuts menu at Tim Hortons, A cherished Canadian fast-food business, Is well-known. Tim Hortons has been providing delicious donuts To its devoted consumers for decades, offering everything from traditional varieties to uncommon specials.

Tim Hortons Donut Menu

This article will examine the background of Tim Hortons, Give a general summary of their donuts menu, highlight popular donut options, evaluate Them against rivals, Talk about menu expansion and social media presence, and delve into The cultural significance of Tim Hortons Donuts in Canada.

History of Tim Hortons

Canadian hockey players Tim Horton and Jim Charade started Tim Hortons in 1964. It began as a modest coffee and Donut shop in Hamilton, Ontario, at first.

Tim Hortons has developed Through time into one of Canada’s most recognizable companies, Well-known For both its delicious donuts and excellent coffee.

The Tim Hortons Donut Menu, Which has become a big part of Canadian Culture, Is linked to both tasty treats and friendly places To eat Them.

Tim Hortons Donut Menu

The Prices Mentioned Below are Per Piece.

Donut Names Prices
Apple Fritter Donut $1.19
Chocolate Dip Donut $1.19
Honey Dip Donut $0.99
Vanilla Dip Donut $1.19
Maple Dip Donut $1.74
Chocolate Glazed Donut $1.19
Double Chocolate Donut $1.19
OId Fashion Plain Donut $1.51
Old Fashion Glazed Donut $0.99
Sour Cream Plain Donut $0.99
Strawberry Vanilla Donut $1.29
Strawberry Donut $1.29
Boston Cream Donut $1.19
Canadian Maple Donut $1.74
Sour Cream Glazed Donut $0.99
Honey Cruller Donut $0.99
Blueberry Donut $1.74
Chocolate Hazelnut Éclair Dream Donut $1.19
Sea Salted Caramel Dream Donut $0.99

Disclaimer: Tim Hortons obtains accurate cost data From a variety of sources, including Site visits, Company websites, and telephone interviews. These sources are where the prices That are listed on These pages come from.

Of course, The prices listed on This page might not be up to date, and They might not apply to every location of a specific company brand. Get in touch with The specific company location That interests you for The most recent price information.

Popular Tim Hortons Donuts

Several variations of Tim Hortons wide variety of donuts have become incredibly well-liked among patrons. Let’s examine some of These adored doughnuts in More detail:

Honey Cruller

At Tim Hortons, The Honey Cruller is a crowd favorite. It is a lovely delicacy thanks to its distinctive twisted shape, light texture, and sweet glaze.

Tim Hortons Honey Cruller Donut

This doughnut has a delicate, airy inside That melts on your tongue and a slightly crispy shell. For those who like their donuts with a softer sweetness, The Honey Cruller is ideal.

Boston Cream

boston cream donut

The Boston Cream is another well-known donut offered by Tim Hortons. This doughnut has a fluffy yeast crust, A thick, creamy custard inside, and A decadent chocolate glaze on top. For lovers of donuts, The Boston Cream donut’s blend of flavors and textures is wonderful.

Apple Fritter

Apple Fritter donut

The Apple Fritter is a must-try if you like Your doughnuts with a fruity flavor. This donut’s frosting is Flavored with cinnamon and paired with bits of luscious apple filling. Because the Apple Fritter is a little heavier than other donuts, Every bite is delightful.

Old Fashioned Plain

The Old Fashioned Plain doughnut is a traditional option that endures. It has a straightforward yeast dough that is perfectly cooked, Giving it a mildly crunchy surface and a soft, pillowy interior.

Old Fashioned Plain donut

This doughnut is ideal for purists who value the plain donut’s simplicity and traditional flavor.

Double Chocolate

Candy addicts, rejoice! A chocolate lover’s fantasy is the Double Chocolate Donut. It has a chocolate cake foundation with a thick coating of chocolate glaze on top.

Double Chocolate donut

The luscious, rich Double Chocolate doughnut is The ideal pleasure for anyone yearning for a powerful chocolate flavor.


At Tim Hortons, There is a special donut called The Dutchie. The dough is made with Yeast and warm spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.

Dutchie Donut

Each mouthful of the Dutchie is enhanced by The sweet glaze and coconut That are frequently added to The top. This doughnut is a tasty treat That makes you long For freshly made food.

Tim Hortons Donuts vs. Competitors

Although local bakers and other fast-food businesses compete with Tim Hortons, which has long dominated the Canadian donut market.

Based on a few Crucial considerations, let’s contrast Tim Hortons Donuts with Those of its rivals:

Quality and Freshness

Tim Horton’s dedication to quality and freshness is among The factors contributing to its continued popularity. Customers are guaranteed a delectable and pleasant treat because The donuts are carefully crafted and baked fresh throughout the day.

Tim Hortons stands apart from some rivals Who could rely on pre-packaged or frozen doughnuts because of Their commitment to quality.

Variety and Innovation

To satisfy a variety of Preferences, Tim Hortons offers a wide selection of Doughnuts. There is something for everyone, From traditional flavors to distinctive custom doughnuts.

To demonstrate its dedication to innovation and keep the menu interesting, the company also frequently rolls out new flavors and limited-time specials. Tim Hortons has an advantage over rivals who might provide a more constrained assortment thanks to this diversity and creativity.


Customers may consider price to Be an important consideration when deciding where to indulge in Their preferred donuts. Tim Hortons aims To offer reasonably priced selections without sacrificing flavor or quality. A wide range of clients can afford Tim Hortons Donut because of Their affordable prices.

Tim Hortons Donuts Menu Expansion

Tim Hortons has increased The variety of donuts it offers throughout time to stay current with consumer tastes and preferences.

To meet shifting consumer preferences and fashion trends, They constantly produce new flavors and seasonal products.

New Flavors and Seasonal Offerings

Tim Hortons recognizes the value of maintaining a dynamic and appealing menu.

They frequently roll out new donut varieties influenced by gastronomic fads, The changing of the seasons, or consumer requests.

Customers always have something new to look forward to during their visit because of this ongoing innovation.

Vegan and Gluten-Free Options

Tim Hortons has recently released vegan and gluten-free donuts to better serve customers with special dietary needs.

These choices enable people to partake in a tasty meal with their friends and family even if They have dietary preferences or limits.

The availability of these choices demonstrates Tim Horton’s dedication to diversity and catering to its customers’ various requirements.

Tim Hortons Donut Social Media Campaign

Social media is important For brand exposure and client interaction in the digital age. To communicate with its customers and advertise its doughnut menu, Tim Hortons has made use of social media sites.

Campaigns For The Day’s Donut

On social media, Tim Hortons routinely runs “Donut of The Day” Promotions That highlight a different doughnut flavor every day. Customers are inspired by This promotion to try a variety of doughnuts on The menu.

Additionally, it gives customers a chance To interact with The brand by sharing Their thoughts and experiences.

Engaging User-Generated Content

Customers are aggressively encouraged by Tim Hortons to post reviews of Their donuts on social media. User-generated information, Such as photographs and reviews posted by customers, demonstrates the brand’s popularity.

To build a sense of community and loyalty, Tim Hortons interacts with its customers By answering comments and sharing user-generated material.

The Cultural Effects of Tim Hortons in Canada

Donuts from Tim Hortons have evolved into More Than just a delectable delicacy, They now play a significant role in Canadian society. Let’s look at some of The Tim Hortons donuts characteristics That have had a major influence:

Iconic Status

In Canada, Tim Hortons enjoys iconic status, and the company’s donuts are recognized worldwide. For Canadians, the recognizable red and white emblem and the smells of freshly made coffee and donuts bring back memories and feelings of security. The Canadian identity has been firmly entrenched through Tim Hortons.


Timbits are miniature doughnut holes That have gained popularity in recent years. These flavor-filled little donuts come in a variety of sizes and are ideal For sharing or enjoying as a quick snack.

Timbits are a staple of Canadian social events, business meetings, and hockey games, Which only serves to emphasize their significance.

Culture of Coffee and Donuts

The culture of coffee and donuts in Canada has been significantly influenced by Tim Hortons. Starting the day with a Tim Hortons coffee and a Donut has become a tradition For many Canadians.

This coffee and Donut culture has permeated daily existence, Fostering comradery and a sense of belonging.


The Tim Hortons Donuts Menu offers a delicious selection of traditional and specialty tastes that have piqued Canadians palates For years. Tim Hortons is still a go-to place For donut fans throughout the country Thanks to its dedication to quality, variety, and innovation.

The donuts are now more Than just a food item, They have a special position in Canadian culture, Standing For coziness, tradition, and a universal love of sugary treats.

FAQs – Tim Hortons Donut Menu

Are Tim Hortons donuts made fresh?

Yes, Tim Horton’s doughnuts are freshly prepared Every day. To guarantee that customers receive a Delectable and delightful treat, They are baked in-house.

How often does Tim Hortons introduce new donut flavors?

Tim Hortons regularly launches new donut varieties to keep their menu interesting. Customers frequently have seasonal offers and transient flavors to look forward to, however, The frequency of these introductions may vary.

Are there vegan options available on the Tim Hortons donuts menu?

Yes, Tim Hortons has vegan donut options available. To accommodate clients with dietary preferences or constraints, they have produced vegan donuts. For individuals who live a plant-based lifestyle, these vegan options are a tasty treat.

Can I order Tim Hortons donuts online for delivery?

In some places, Tim Hortons provides online ordering and delivery options. The Tim Hortons website or mobile app allows users to verify Whether delivery is offered in their area. Customers can enjoy Their favorite donuts from the comfort of their homes with online ordering.

What are Timbits, and how are they different from regular donuts?

Tim Hortons sells bite-sized donut holes called Timbits. Although they are smaller than conventional donuts, they are nevertheless produced from the same dough. There are many kinds of Timbits, which are frequently eaten as a quick snack or distributed among friends and family.

Does Tim Hortons offer gluten-free donuts?

Gluten-free doughnuts are not Yet available at Tim Hortons. To accommodate patrons with gluten sensitivity or intolerance, They have added additional gluten-free products like gluten-free muffins and cookies.

Can I find Tim Hortons donuts outside of Canada?

Yes, Tim Hortons has stores outside of Canada in some other nations, including The United States and a few other international markets. The availability of particular doughnut varieties, However, may vary by area, and The menu options may Be adjusted to reflect regional preferences.

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