Tim Hortons Lunch Menu Prices Canada 2024

The well-known Canadian coffee giant Tim Hortons specializes in providing appetizing Breakfast options and tasty pastries in addition To providing a wide variety of delicious Lunch options. The savory soups, salads, and other items on The menu are all part of The company’s commitment to excellence.

Tim Hortons Lunch Menu

The varied choices on the Tim Hortons Lunch Menu, as well as options for special diets and hydrating drinks, will all be discussed in this article. Let’s explore the delicious world of Tim Hortons Lunch options now.

Tim Hortons Lunch Menu Prices

ITEM Prices In CAN$
New! BBQ Crispy Chicken Loaded Wrap $8.79
New! BBQ Crispy Chicken Loaded Bowl $9.99
Chicken Cilantro Lime Loaded Wrap $7.79
Chicken Habanero Loaded Wrap $7.79
Veggie Cilantro Lime Loaded Wrap $6.79
Veggie Habanero Loaded Wrap $6.79
Chicken Cilantro Lime Loaded Bowl $8.99
Chicken Habanero Loaded Bowl $8.99
Veggie Cilantro Lime Loaded Bowl $7.99
Veggie Habanero Loaded Bowl $7.99
Crispy Chicken Craveables $4.99
Roast Beef Craveables $4.99
Regular Roast Beef & Cheddar $6.79
Regular Turkey Bacon Club $6.79
Regular BLT $5.99
Regular Ham & Cheddar $5.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap $6.99
Chicken Wrap $6.49
Grilled Cheese Melt $5.79
Turkey Melt $6.79
Ham Melt $6.79
Soup $4.29
Chili $5.99
Potato Wedges $2.49

What Time Does Tim Hortons Serve Lunch

Starting at 10 AM, Their regular eateries that serve lunch will be open.

The Lunch Menu at Tim Hortons is often available all day long, allowing customers to eat There whenever they want.

It’s important to keep in mind that particular timing may vary based on The location and store restrictions. It is advised to inquire at Your neighborhood Tim Hortons about Their exact lunchtime hours.

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Tim Hortons Sandwiches and Wraps

Classic Sandwiches

Tim Hortons is proud of its traditional sandwiches, Which are expertly made with premium ingredients and distinctive flavor combinations. Their menu provides something For every taste, Whether you choose a robust meat option or a lighter vegetarian one.

There are many delectable options, ranging from the classic BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato) to The savory Chicken Salad Croissant.

Grilled Wraps

Tim Hortons offers a variety of grilled wraps for individuals who are in the mood for a hearty and filling lunch. These wraps combine grilled proteins, crisp vegetables, and delectable sauces For a lovely confluence of flavors.

You’re in for a treat that will leave you satiated and energetic Whether you select the Chicken Caesar Wrap or the Chipotle Steak Wrap.

Tim Hortons Salads and soups

Hearty Soups

Tim Hortons is aware of The lure of a warm cup of soup during the lunch hour. They use high-quality ingredients and tried-and-true recipes to make Their delicious soup selections.

Each spoonful, Whether it be of The traditional Chicken Noodle Soup or The hearty Chili, Is a blast of flavors That will warm Your heart and titillate your palate.

Healthy salads

Tim Hortons offers a range of fresh salads for customers looking For a lighter and more reviving meal. These salads offer a variety of protein options along with brilliant greens and crisp vegetables.

These options, Which range from The traditional Caesar Salad to the vibrant Garden Salad, are ideal For those seeking to indulge in a nutritious and well-balanced meal.

Tim Hortons Burgers and Paninis

Classic Burgers

Tim Hortons can satisfy Your craving For a juicy and flavorful burger. Their traditional hamburgers are topped with fresh ingredients, served on a toasted bun, and cooked with superior beef patties.

These alternatives, Which range from The classic Cheeseburger to the zingy Chipotle Chicken Burger, will sate your appetites and make You feel completely satisfied.

Gourmet Paninis

For a gourmet Twist on a classic sandwich, Tim Hortons offers a selection of paninis. These grilled sandwiches feature a variety of flavorful fillings, From savory chicken To tender steak.

With options like the Turkey Bacon Club and the Steak and Cheese Panini, You can enjoy a premium and satisfying lunchtime experience.

Tim Hortons Side Dishes

Fries and Poutine

Without some mouthwatering side dishes, no lunch is complete, and Tim Hortons has plenty of alluring selections. Their fries are the ideal side dish for any dinner since they are crispy and golden.

Poutine, A delicious combination of fries, cheese curds, and savory gravy, is a Canadian staple that will take Your taste buds to new levels of delight.

Mozzarella Sticks

Delicious mozzarella sticks are available at Tim Hortons as a delicious and decadent side dish. These breaded and Fried cheese sticks are a favorite among guests because They provide a delightful crunch with each bite.

These mozzarella sticks are a tasty addition to any midday meal, Whether you eat them by themselves or as a side to Your main entrée.

Tim Hortons Special Diet Options

Vegetarian and Vegan Choices

Tim Hortons recognizes The value of accommodating a range of dietary needs, So some vegetarian and vegan alternatives are available on its lunch menu.

They have carefully developed options That enable people to have a great lunch that is in line with their dietary needs and ideals, From plant-based burgers to salads packed with healthy components.

Gluten-Free Options

Tim Hortons provides a variety of gluten-free choices For people Who have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. These options guarantee that people with dietary restrictions can still enjoy a filling meal.

Tim Hortons works to offer inclusive and delectable options For everyone, From gluten-free sandwiches to salads and soups.

Tim Hortons Beverage Selection

Coffee and Tea

Tim Hortons continues to impress with its wide range of beverages in addition to its delicious lunch options. You may pick from a variety of blends, including dark roast, medium roast, and decaf, at This place, Which is renowned for its excellent coffee.

They provide a variety of black, green, and herbal Teas if tea is more your style, Making sure there is a beverage To go with every meal.

Iced Beverages

Nothing compares to the cooling flavor of an iced beverage on a hot day. Iced coffees, iced teas, and flavored coolers are Just a few of The tempting iced drinks Tim Hortons offers.

The ideal approach to beat The heat while enjoying your lunch is with one of These refreshing, energizing beverages, Whether you prefer The traditional Iced Cappuccino or the fruity Raspberry Lemonade.

Specialty Drinks

Additionally, Tim Hortons offers drinks That are distinctive and specialized. Their specialty drinks, Which range from rich hot chocolates to decadent French vanilla, Add a delicious variation to Your lunchtime routine. These drinks make a delicious treat to go with Your dinner or a gratifying stand-alone option.

Tim Hortons Kids Menu

Tim Hortons is aware of How important it is to appeal to Younger customers. Children’s menu items including the Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Chicken Strips, and Mini Bagels are available. These meals are not only delicious, But they are also the ideal size For small appetites.

Tim Hortons Desserts and Treats

Without a sweet conclusion, no meal is complete, and Tim Hortons excels in this area as well. Enjoy delectable sweets and delights including Classic Apple Fritters, Chocolate Chunk Cookies, and Maple Pecan Danish. These rich treats are the ideal way to finish Your lunch and sate your appetite.

Tim Hortons Catering Services

Tim Hortons offers catering services for events and gatherings in addition to servicing people. Whether you’re holding a social event or a business conference, You can count on Tim Hortons to provide delectable meals That suit everyone’s preferences. They provide a large selection of items on their catering menu That are sure to please your guests.

Tim Hortons Lunch Menu Combos

Tim Hortons offers a variety of lunch menu combos to make ordering simpler and deliver a full meal. These lunch sets ensure That you get a filling and well-balanced meal in one handy container By including a main dish, A side dish, and a beverage.

These combos let You have a wonderful Lunch without any Fuss, Whether you choose a sandwich with fries and Coffee or a salad with mozzarella sticks and iced tea.


A wide variety of tastes, Dietary preferences, and lifestyles are catered To by The Tim Hortons Lunch Menu, Which is a veritable treasure mine of delectable options.

Their lunch selections guarantee a filling and delectable experience with everything from sandwiches and wraps to soups and salads. Tim Hortons works to suit The requirements and tastes of every customer by offering a variety of diet options, cool beverages, and practical combos.

The Tim Hortons Lunch Menu has options for everyone, Whether they prefer classic flavors or gourmet variations, are vegetarians or meat eaters. You can have The ideal lunch break by combining your meal with a hot cup of coffee, An iced beverage That is refreshing, or a specialty drink.

FAQs – Tim Hortons Lunch Menu

Are the Tim Hortons lunch menu options available all day?

Yes, Tim Hortons serves its lunch menu items all day long, Allowing customers to enjoy their preferred lunches whenever They want.

Can I customize my Tim Hortons lunch order?

Absolutely! Tim Hortons offers personalization options For its menu items since they are aware that every customer has different tastes. To suit your tastes, You can add or delete ingredients.

Are the gluten-free options prepared in a dedicated kitchen space?

Although Tim Hortons takes steps to avoid cross-contamination, They do handle foods That contain gluten in their kitchen. Serious gluten allergy sufferers should proceed with caution and may want to speak with the staff before placing an order.

Are the vegetarian and vegan options marked on the menu?

Yes, Tim Hortons vegetarian and vegan alternatives are prominently marked on the menu, Making it simpler For anyone with particular dietary restrictions to find suitable options.

Can I order Tim Hortons lunch menu items for delivery?

Tim Hortons provides delivery services via many channels. To find out if Tim Hortons delivers where you are, check the company’s website or local delivery apps.

Does Tim Hortons offer catering services for events?

Yes, Tim Hortons offers catering services for a variety of events, With a vast selection of menu choices to suit varied gatherings and preferences. Tim Hortons can accommodate both business meetings and social gatherings.

Is the Tim Hortons lunch menu available internationally?

Yes, Tim Hortons modifies its Lunch Menu to suit local tastes and preferences in other nations as The company grows internationally. Thus, When you visit a Tim Hortons location abroad, You can choose From a variety of options.

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