Tim Hortons Secret Menu Prices Canada 2024

Tim Hortons Secret Menu: The well-known Canadian coffee and donut brand Tim Hortons has a secret menu That contains surprises for its devoted patrons.

Tim Hortons Secret Menu

We’ll look at popular items That aren’t on the regular menu as well as the hidden jewels of Tim Hortons secret menu in this post. Prepare your taste buds to be tantalized by Tim Hortons unique offers.

What is a secret menu?

Secret menus, which offer a concealed variety of goods not displayed on the standard menu, Have become a craze in the culinary industry.

These products are frequently made By consumers or ardent followers and distributed via social media or word-of-mouth. For those in the know, Secret menus provide a sense of anticipation and exclusivity.

Tim Hortons Secret Menu Prices

The most recent and updated Tim Hortons secret menu is provided below.

Got Milk? Addition of Chocolate Milk in an Iced Cappuccino $2.99
Thrilling Bagel Addition of extra salt and veggies to your bagel $2.19
Cheap Mocha Regular Double Double with half hot chocolate/half coffee $2.10
Cheesy Croissant Heated croissant with cheese $1.49
Buttery Croissant Heated croissant with butter $1.49
Cheesy Croissant with Butter Heated croissant with cheese and butter $1.49
Chocolate Explosion Delicious chocolate whipped cream on a hot chocolate $2.49
Hot Water If for any reason you need hot water, you can simply order some Varies
Minted Cappuccino Next time you order some Iced Cappuccino, ask for a shot of mint $4.10
Warm Donut Warmed up, delicious Tim Hortons donut $0.99
Hashbrown Sandwich A Tim Horton hashbrown in your favorite breakfast sandwich $3.29
Spicy Bagel Barbecue sauce on your bagel $1.19
Peanut Butter Bagel Delicious Tim Horton raisin bagel with peanut butter spread $2.19
Mixed Tea Mix your favorite teas for a delicious new experience $0.10 extra
Grilled Cheese w/ Extras Additional veggies on a grilled cheese sandwich $5.29
Half and Half Half Chili and Half Lasagna $5.49
Veggie Sandwich The famous Tim Hortons veggie sandwich $5.49
Extra Patties Addition of extra eggs or patties in a breakfast sandwich Varies
Specialty Lattes Addition of a tea bag or flavor shot in a latte or hot beverage $2.99
Whipped Cream on everything Any order you make can be ordered with the addition of whipped cream Varies
Make it a Panini Ask for your favorite Tim Hortons sandwich to be a panini $4.79

How to access Tim Hortons Secret Menu

It’s very easy to go to the Tim Hortons Secret Menu. Knowing What unique goods are available and how to order them is all that’s required. You must Be certain of what you want before placing your purchase because the secret menu items are not overtly advertised in stores.

Popular items on Tim Hortons Secret Menu

The Double-Double Deluxe

The Double-Double Deluxe is one of Tim Horton’s most sought-after secret menu items. It adds a flavor twist to The traditional Double-Double, Which is coffee with two creams and two sugars.

Customers can enhance Their coffee experience by selecting from a variety of flavor options, Such as vanilla, hazelnut, or caramel.

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The Canadian Colada

The Canadian Colada is a secret menu item that you must try if You’re in the mood for something cool with a touch of the tropics.

This wonderful beverage has the flavor of a sunny beach vacation thanks To the addition of pineapple and coconut flavoring to Tim Horton’s iconic Iced Capp base.

The Maple Bacon Boston Cream

Enjoy the delectable Maple Bacon Boston Cream, A creative take on The traditional Boston Cream doughnut. A fluffy doughnut stuffed with creamy Custard and topped with a thick maple glaze and salty bacon bits is the secret menu item in question. It has the ideal ratio of sweet To savory flavors.

The Timbit Explosion

The Timbit Explosion will be enjoyable for Timbits fans. A box of mixed Timbits is elevated to the next level by this secret menu item. As the chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and sprinkles are drizzled over the Timbits, a delicious burst of flavors results in each bite.

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How to order from Tim Hortons Secret Menu

Simply follow these procedures To place an order from Tim Horton’s Secret Menu:

  • Learn about the options on The secret menu that are accessible.
  • To place an order, Visit the Tim Hortons shop closest to you or use the mobile app.
  • Ask the staff politely if they can make the particular secret menu item you want.
  • Give them specific directions on how you want your secret menu item to be prepared.
  • Due to the possibility that some staff members are unaware of the secret menu items, Please be patient and understanding.

The Appeal of Secret Menus

Due to their sense of adventure and exclusivity, secret menus have grown in popularity.

Customers can experience a sense of exclusivity while consuming distinctive creations that aren’t offered to everyone by learning about and ordering secret menu items.

It adds a sense of excitement and surprise while elevating and personalizing the dining experience.

Are Secret Menu Items Available at All Locations?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that not every Tim Hortons store may feature secret menu items. The availability of these things can change based on the franchise and The staff’s familiarity with them.

However, as social media usage grows, more customers are sharing Their secret menu encounters, which raises awareness and could result in availability at more locations.

Nutritional Considerations For Secret Menu Items

Even while secret menu items can be decadent pleasures, It’s important to take their nutritional value into account. Many items on The secret menu have higher calorie, fat, and sugar content Than items on the main menu. It is advised to consume these foods in moderation as occasional pleasures if you are mindful of Your nutritional intake.

Secret Menu Items vs. Regular Menu Items

The secret menu items at Tim Hortons give the standard menu a distinctive edge. Customers have the chance to try something novel and interesting with the secret menu items, which are tried and true favorites.

The secret menu items elevate your Tim Hortons experience with an additional layer of surprise, Whether it’s a unique coffee brew or a donut with an unexpected twist.

Tips For Creating Your Own Secret Menu Item

You can design your own secret menu item at Tim Hortons if You’re feeling daring. Here are some pointers to get you going:

  • Try out different tastes, toppings, and ingredient mashups.
  • When ordering your customized item, Be kind and considerate and make sure it can be quickly prepared by the staff.
  • To encourage others and possibly spread the word about your secret menu item, Post your work on social media.

Tim Hortons Secret Menu Review


Adventurous customers can explore a secret world of culinary delights with Tim Hortons Secret Menu. These unique things enhance The Tim Hortons experience with excitement and a sense of discovery, Ranging from personalized coffee creations To decadent doughnut varieties.

The secret menu items are not accessible at all places, But because of social media attention and popularity, They are now more widely available To fans around the nation.

FAQs – Tim Hortons Secret Menu

Can I order secret menu items through the Tim Hortons mobile app?

Unfortunately, The Tim Hortons mobile App does not include a list of secret menu items. The easiest way To order These things is to ask The staff in person at a Tim Hortons Restaurant.

Are secret menu items more expensive than regular menu items?

Secret menu items typically have prices That are comparable to those of regular menu items. However, Some modifications or additions can result in extra fees.

Can I request modifications to secret menu items?

Absolutely! The staff at Tim Hortons often accepts reasonable changes to items on the hidden menu. When placing your order, just be precise and detailed about the adjustments you want.

Are secret menu items available all day?

Depending on The location and the time of day, different things on The secret menu can be available. Some products might only Be available during specific times or special promotions.

Are there any health-conscious secret menu options?

Even while many hidden menu items are delicious treats, You may still choose healthier options by picking smaller portions, cutting back on added sugars, or going for lower-calorie alternatives. Don’t be scared to alter The things on the secret menu to fit Your dietary requirements and preferences.

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